Why teplo rotates the infuser


The way the infuser rotates and slowly extracts the tea is a characteristic movement of the teplo teapot, and is one of the scenes that is often featured on TV.
So, why does teplo rotate the infuser to extract tea? In this article, we will introduce why invented the rotary extraction system.

Other than teplo, tea brewing machines use a lyfting brewing system in which a basket filled with tea leaves moves up and down, and a shower brewing system in which hot water is poured over the tea leaves like a shower.
We were inspired by how tea professionals brew tea in a teapot and use their wrists to rotate the teapot as they pour it into the teacup. We found that the final decisive factor in brewing delicious tea was the rotating motion.
We want to brew teas with teplo as delicious as tea professionals make. With that in mind, we started developing a rotary brewing system.

The rotary brewing system, which we started developing to serve the best tasting tea, has been in development for over 3 years and is now installed in the teplo teapot. New rotary brewing system developed by us has been patented in Japan and USA.

As the above photo shows, we have developed prototypes of various shapes and have arrived at the shape of the current infuser.
Please enjoy teplo’s tea extracted with the patented rotary brewing system developed with the aim of producing delicious tea.

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