The secret behind the design of the Golden Drop


Shaped like a water drop, which is one of teplo’s iconic designs. We call this shape the Golden Drop.
In this article, we will introduce the reasons and thoughts behind the Golden Drop.

First, let us explain how Golden Drop works. As introduced in this article, the teplo tea pot uses a rotary brewing system. In a rotary brewing system, when the tea is not being brewed, it is necessary to keep the tea leaves above the surface of the water so that the tea leaves do not touch the water and cause the brewing process.
After brewing, the tea leaves absorb water and become heavy, so if there is no weight on the opposite side of the tea leaves, the infuser will naturally rotate due to the weight of the tea leaves. The tea leaves will get into the water as a result.
The Golden Drop acts as a weight to prevent unintentional brewing due to tea leaves falling into the water. Therefore, the weight of the Golden Drop is set at 150g, which is slightly heavier than the soaked tea leaves.
When you touch the Golden Drop for the first time, it may feel a little heavy, but that weight is the result of teplo’s commitment to brewing delicious tea.

Next, let us introduce the thoughts of teplo that are included in the Golden Drop. The functionality of the weights introduced above can be achieved with any shape as long as the weight requirements are met. However, teplo designed a drop-like shape and gave it the name Golden Drop. (In the manufacturing process, the stainless steel material is processed one by one to produce the golden drop shape, so it is actually one of the most expensive parts of the teplo tea pot to manufacture.)
If you are a tea lover, you may have heard the term Golden Drop. When pouring brewed tea into a tea cup, it is said that the last drop of tea is filled with the best taste, and in the world of tea, the last drop is called the Golden Drop.
Teplo is a product made with the design concept of wanting you to enjoy the most delicious tea.
In order to express teplo’s design philosophy of enjoying the most delicious tea, we have placed a golden drop in the center of the product.

It’s just design, but we belive the design can change the tea experience.
At teplo, we believe that the true functional beauty of design resides where function and philosophy overlap.
We will continue to pursue designs in order to deliver delicious tea.

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