How to make matcha latte – recommended tools and milk


Sweet and bittersweet matcha latte. It is a drinkable dessert with a great sense of satisfaction.
But, do you think it’s a bit difficult to make it at home?

In this article, we introduce a recipe for an authentic matcha latte that can be made with the tools you already have at home.
You do not need a tea-sen or a matcha bowl. Once you have prepared matcha, you can make it using familiar utensils.

▼Tools to be prepared
・Bowls: Used for making lattes
・Mugs : Matcha bowls are also acceptable.
・Whisk: Shaker or tea whisk is acceptable
・Sifter: A tea strainer is also acceptable.
・Milk formers: Most affordable one is good enough!

▼ Materials
Matcha: 3g Uji matcha “Matsukaze” from Yamamasa Koyamaen
Sugar: 3-4 g granulated sugar
Hot water: 30cc
Milk: 180 cc, using Takanashi pasteurized milk

▼ How to make
1, Prepare a bowl, sift matcha with a sieve, and mix it with sugar.
2, Pour hot water gently into 1 and dissolve well with a whisk.
3, Drop 2 into the cup with a strainer.
4, Whisk milk with a milk former.
5, Pour the milk whisked in step 4 into the cup in step 3!

▼Tips for making it tasty
【If you want to achieve café quality, a sieve is a must item! 】
The finer the matcha, the finer the particles and the easier it is to form lumps.
Please do not omit the sieving process to improve palatability.

Sweetness to taste.
This recipe is slightly less sweet so that the bitterness of the matcha remains.
If you have a sweet tooth, adjust the amount of sugar.
Also, granulated sugar is used for the sugar in this recipe, but you can use wasanbon, kibi sugar, oligosaccharide, or whatever you like.

【And try different kinds of milk. 】
Changing the milk will change the way you perceive the taste and aroma. We recommend Takanashi pasteurized milk!
Often used in cafes, it has less of the aroma characteristic of milk, so the aroma of matcha is clearer.
You can often find it in supermarkets, so please give it a try.

This is how to make matcha latte!

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