Benefits of brewing the
perfect cup of tea

Accelerate anti aging
Reduce Stress levels
Natural Skin care
Improve Detoxification

the world has never had anything like this


bamboo finish


stainless-steel strainer

vacuum double layered

hardened glass casing

removable and rechargeable

heater base

the most precise and intuitive tea maker ever made

watch how it works

how it works

making the perfect tea has never been this easy

  • select your tea

Select your favorite tea from our vast catelog in our very own marketplace. There is tea for every palate.

  • flip and start brewing

Connect to our integrated app and follow the easy instructions. Put the tea in stainer, flip and start the brewing process.

  • brew and experience

The app will intuitively tell you the progress, time and temperature of your brewing process. Enjoy this rare experience.

  • maintain temperature and drink

our bottle allows great insulation. To maintain the drink temperature within so you can enjoy it whenever you want to.

a deep rooted passion in tea making

beautifully advanced brewing experience

At Teplo, we believe that our product's purpose is to beautifully perfect your tea making experience and we also believe that our app needs to beautifully complement our bottle. Teplo team has finessed the most intuitive and comprehensive app that runs across multiple operating system to ensure the easiest and precise experience whenever you are brewing your desired tea.

technology and tradition

the perfect integration between heritage and future

full control of your tea making

Brew tea, maintain temperature, pick favorites, and everything else. Teplo has built a seamless integration to ensure that you can do everything you want to make that perfect tea you dream of.

full access to tea marketplace

We are allowing you to gain a wide access to the finest tea available in the market. This ensures endless variety and excitement always end up in your Teplo bottle.